Fri, Nov 5th @ 9:30pm - Kristin Weber, Carlos Rodriguez and MORE to be announced!


Kristin’s clean, sharp, and occasionally alternative approach to comedy has brought her all across the United States and Canada, where she has performed at conferences, churches, in popular clubs, on cruise ships and more.  She has worked with comics such as Tim Hawkins, Michael Jr., and Ken Davis, and has headlined numerous events, including The Circuit, a week-long comedy tour in Toronto, Canada. Most recently, Kristin opened for The Mike Huckabee Show at TBN Studios and she is currently on tour with Aspire Women’s Conferences, a one-night conference for women held at churches all across the United States. 

Carlos brings a clever, silly & approachable voice to comedy. In a fun
& relatable way, his observational humor touches beyond daily
occurrences to deep-rooted memories of his childhood, views on the
most straightforward ideas & the most off-beat subject matter.