Sat, Apr 10th @ 9:00pm - Stephanie McHugh, Brian McKim and MORE to be announced!


Stephanie’s journey with comedy began as a child when she learned the power of making people laugh.  Eventually she began pursuing stand up comedy in her 30s, married with 2 small children. Nine months after her first time on stage, Stephanie won a trip to the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and has been on the Denver comedy scene for over 17 years. She appeared on Nick at Nite's TV Show "America's Funniest Mom" and The Steve and Stephanie Morning show on KOOL 105. Stephanie’s is a co-founder of the MentalPause Comedy Show and The Twilight Moan Podcast - Laughter, Love and Sex After 50. Stephanie is passionate about empowering and coaching speakers and entrepreneurs on how they can add humor to their presentations to create more engagement with their audience.  She has developed a Be Funnier! Short and Sweet Coaching Package and she offers motivational speaking on the following topics:  Be Funnier! How to Add Humor to Your Presentation and The Importance of Laughter. Stephanie loves dogs, has a recipe for chocolate tofu pie that you will LOVE and can touch her tongue to her nose.  Stephanie lives in Denver, CO.

Julia is a nationally headlining comedian, former teacher, author, speaker, and woman of transgendered experience. She was a quarter-finalist and fan favorite on season 11 of America’s Got Talent on NBC in 2016. Julia currently has a comedy special on SHOWTIME called "More Women of a Certain Age". Originally from Fairview, New Jersey, for the first 48 years she was better known as comedian Rick Scotti. She toured the country, appearing at venues all over the United States and Canada, both as a headliner in comedy clubs and as an opening act for artists such as Lou Rawls, Chicago, and Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Julia has appeared on numerous television and radio shows as well as commercials. In 2000, Julia left comedy to begin her life altering transition, and also to begin her new career as a teacher, where she remained for seven years. She was self-employed for a time, but in 2011, after a ten year layoff from comedy, Julia returned to the stage. Her new brand of comedy is fierce, honest, and fearless. She has been described as a “force of nature”, “a cross between Sam Kinison and Mrs. Doubtfire”, and like a “chainsaw flying through the room”. Julia was a quarter-finalist on season 11 America’s Got Talent in 2016. In 2012, Julia had been named one of the Top Five Transgender Comedians in the country by Advocate Magazine. Since then, she has gone on to become the first transgendered woman and finalist in the New York Based Ladies of Laughter Competition. Today, you can find Julia performing at comedy clubs and theaters around the country. 

Brian McKim is a 30-year veteran of the standup comedy world. He and his wife (comic Traci Skene) recently launched the SHECKYmagazine Podcast.They co-wrote "The Comedy Bible: The Complete Resource for Aspiring Comedians." He was a guest on CBS's "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" and was a semifinalist on NBC's reality television show "Last Comic Standing." He has performed in all 50 United States and three Canadian provinces. He is a regular at major casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He performs over 200 dates at colleges, comedy clubs, night clubs.